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Our services can be broadly split into the following categories:

Trans-Expedite Solutions manufacturing team has the expertise to bring together various component parts and sub-assemblies into a final product for shipment to Customers. Our team will collect data and provide reports to any level required by our customer.

Electromechanical Rework
Should problems or needed upgrades be identified and require attention, Trans-Expedite Solutions is available to perform these reworks to customers’ specifications at the customer’s site or at the Trans-Expedite Solutions facility.

Firmware / BIOS Flashing and Upgrades
Our teams are available to perform Firmware/BIOS upgrades. All Trans-Expedite Solutions team members are fully trained in the handling of sensitive electronic components and are aware of the anti static procedures required when performing these duties.

Trans-Expedite Solutions offers 1D & 2D barcode printing of labels to many varying standards for either the rework of an existing label or the application of a new label. Working with the latest software standards and using our state of the art Thermal Transfer printers, we can support the demands of our customers quickly and efficiently.

Should a potential quality issue arise with one of your components, it may be necessary to sort through stock to ensure that the correct parts are used and that any suspect parts are removed from the process and held for your disposition.

When customers require, we have the experience to perform OEM specific functional tests on all peripherals and internal computer components. These include diagnostic read / write tests on storage devices, such as hard drives, optical, and floppy’s. We also have experience with keyboards, power supplies, motherboards, batteries, cooling fans, and chassis. Our team will collect data and provide reports to any level required by our customer.

1st & 2nd Level Failure Analysis – Technical Support
Our IPC7711 Level 2 Soldering certified Technicians are available to assist international companies with engineering support in Test, Inspection, Verification and Failure Analysis. This Support varies from one project to long term contracts. Type of support can include:

  • Hardware
  • Electromechanical
  • Mechanical
  • Software

Optical Media Repair
We offer a repair service for scratched CDs, DVDs, and Games:

  • Remove Deep Scratches.
  • Repair of Music CDs, DVDs, Sony PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360, HD DVD, Nintendo WII.
  • Limited Repair on Blu-Ray and Sony PS3.

We offer a kitting service for:

  • Upgrade Kits, Media, Documents, Electrical/Electronic Components, etc.
  • Brochures.
  • Document boxes.

Reverse Logistics/RMA – Field Return Processing

  • Sub-Assembly Repair
  • Flat Panel TV Repair
  • Fulfillment Hub
  • Refurbish / Recondition (Improve to original specs or better)
  • Salvage (Remove components for reuse)
  • Repair (market as a used product)
  • Recycle
  • Scrap
  • Reverse Logistics Software
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Package for Customer Sale

Subcontract Manufacturing

  • Electro-Mechanical assembly of desktop, laptop and server products, both full chassis assembly.
  • Kitting of warranty and manual documentation, electronic media and modems for the computer industry.
  • Functional test and Software upgrades/downloads per customer’s exact requirements.

Shipping (PPS)

  • Units may be shipped via individual package, LTL or FTL with the PPS.
  • PPS is fully integrated with UPS and FedEx.
  • The PPS supports shipping via Model & Quantity, Model and Serial Number Capture and by Fingerprint.
  • Simply selects the Order then inputs the Quantity, Serial Number or License Plate. The shipping label is printed immediately.
  • The PPS also include High Velocity shipping where multiple units can be processed at the same time.

Customer Returns (RMA)
Trans-Expedite Solutions offers a complete reverse logistics solution for both customer RMA needs. We provide:

  • Accurate disposition of product.
  • Accurate & Real time Reporting.
  • Standardized data input for consistent reporting.

On-site Verification (OSV)
Multiple technicians stationed within OSV (On-Site Verification) Labs at Dell Incorporated Lab Facilities in Austin and Foxconn manufacturing facilities in Chihuahua, Mexico performing the following services:

  • 1st Level Failure Analysis of suspect Vendor product moved from Production Line to OSV Lab
  • Inspect for physical cause of non-conformance (Damage, Cosmetic, Wiring, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Test for Non-Conformance (BIOS, Firmware Flash, Programming)
  • Assign Disposition
    • CND (Can Not Duplicate),
    • VID (Vendor Induced Damage)
    • PID (Process Induced Damage)
    • Report Findings to TEI Customer (Vendor)
  • Work directly with Foxconn in determining causes of high percentage line fails
  • Investigate failed units either in OSV or Production Line
  • Run tests to attempt to duplicate fail (if possible) and report findings to customer and Foxconn
  • This direct involvement is designed to keep Foxconn Production Process moving
  • Inspect Damage on Incoming product from El Paso Hub and assign failure cause

TEI Service Management System (SMS)
TEI SMS offers a suite of products to support all facets of the Customer Service, Order Management and Operations Management. The SMS functionality is built into 3 modules:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Shipping (PPS)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Order Management
    • Create, Edit, Cancel and Track Orders
    • Upload Orders – (EDI & Spreadsheet)
    • Release Orders for Shipment
  • Incident Management
    • Create and Edit Consumer, Hospitality and Dealer Incidents
    • Create Return Material Authorizations
    • Create Service Authorization
    • Track all Communications
  • Sales Quote Management
    • Create and update Sales Quotes
    • Create Orders
    • Release Orders to Shipping

Warehouse Management (WMS)

  • Inbound product receipt
    • Capture Carrier, BOL, Receipt Date
    • Match to a Purchase Order or RMA Number
    • Capture Damage, Overages or Shortages
  • Each unit is assigned a unique identifier known as a Fingerprint. This allows you to follow a product from receipt to when it is shipped out

Inventory Management

  • Individual Units
    • Create, Edit and Move
  • Container
    • Containers are a method to group product. These are user defined but generally include Pallets, Bins, and Trucks
    • Create, Edit and Remove Containers
    • Move Containers
  • FIFO
  • Move product between warehouses

Product Testing

  • Symptoms are assigned to each product tested.
  • Units that Pass Testing are assigned a “No Problem Found” code
  • Symptoms are defined by the customer and can be filtered by Product Category

Product Repair

  • The WMS allows users to report the repair and parts used within the repair
  • Repair are defined by the customer and can be filtered by Product Category
  • Assign a Disposition to the repaired product. This often defines the overall condition of the repaired unit. (Excellent, Blemished, etc.)

Quality Control

  • Quality Control of individual units and containers is supported
  • Failure Symptoms may be assigned at the unit level